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“Saying ‘That’s just the way I am.’ is an excuse that is holding you back from being the amazing person that you were meant to be!”

~ Cyndie Knorr: Change Agent

Are you tired of your life being just “more of the same”?

You’re busy, overwhelmed and are dying to find “Peace of Mind” …
and wouldn’t “Happiness” be nice!

You’ve got a LOT going on inside your mind.

Most of it is an accumulation of habits, beliefs and ways of thinking that you’ve been ‘collecting’ for many years… since you were very young.

These “Habits of Thought” shape the way you look at your situations and affect how you feel, and ultimately how you take action (or often, DON’T end up taking any action at all!).

I am tired of my life being just more of the same

Your Thoughts
create your Feelings
which determine your Actions,
and ultimately your Results.

You’ve heard this before…

but you likely never realized that the real magic is in the first part!

What you Think!

inner thoughts

The ways you deal with certain situations and certain types of people are mostly automatic for you. The same things set you off over and over.

You’ve got the same mental chatter going non-stop inside your mind every day.
Much of it is very belittling, inconsiderate, and inaccurate!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to CLEAR all of this clutter out of your mind!?

You might find this too hard to believe –
or doubt that it could even be possible… for you!

What you think of as your “Personality” is also just more “Habits of Thought” that you’ve practiced over and over for many years, and now believe to be “Who you Are”.

What if you could truly be the kind of person you want to be? …
not the one you have been… in the past.

Today is a new day.
You can’t do anything to change your past,
but man oh man, can you ever do a lot to create your future! 

It all starts right now. This moment is all that any of us have to work with!

I am here to assure you that so much more is possible for you and your life.
You just need to want it! To want to change. And to want to do something different to get it!

Your awesome life will not come about on its own!
What will continue to happen on its own is just ‘more of the same’.

If you continue living your life the way you are right now, how can you expect anything to change – unless you do something different?

Change seems scary to us, but it’s really the most exciting thing you could ever imagine! The opportunities are almost endless for you.
Possibilities you wouldn’t even have imagined!

And it all starts by changing your ‘Thinking’.

You will need to do a few things that you likely have never done before…

Hi, I’m Cyndie Knorr, Success Coach and “Change Agent”

Cyndie Knorr - profile photo

I was a Procrastinator Perfectionist, and a People Pleaser with a lot of self-doubt -- and I have been transformed into someone who is Self-Confident, and has almost NO negative self-talk going on inside my head, EVER!

I’m not a monk! I am a regular person, a wife, and mom of three grown kids! My life has not been perfect! I’ve been through incredible pain and experienced deep sorrow. I don’t have any special powers and wasn’t hit by lightning or abducted by aliens! ;D
I’ve figured this out quite organically… and it’s taken me a great deal of time and money.

It is my special mission to help others gain this exact same kind of inner peace… without having to spend over $200,000 and ‘figure it out’ on your own like I did…

I’ve taken the best of the best… from everything that I’ve discovered and paid gobs of money to have access to and learn… Because there is SO much information out there,
I share only what I’ve found to be most useful and effective in my own life, and the lives of my coaching clients.

I’ve weeded out all of the useless information for you! You could go ahead and try to figure this out on your own. There is soooo much information on the internet! People don’t’ have time to go through everything and find the gems! I’ve taken the time, and spent the money searching and am sharing all the BEST concepts with you!

Life is a ‘Journey’! YOU get to decide where you want to go… what route to take.
It’s like you are in a self-driving car right now! It’s driving itself!
Get into the driver’s seat, put your hands on the wheel my friend, and decide where you want to go!

And please take some time to enjoy the view, and stop and have some FUN along the way!

Here is a remarkable system that is easy to follow that will guide you on this journey to finding Peace of Mind, being the best YOU, and living the life that you were meant to be living (not the one others expect of you).

I am happy to introduce to you...

Breakthroughs to Self-Confidence: What you THINK

Online Course to Help You Create the Life that You Want

Breakthroughs to Self-Confidence - What you THINK - logo
  • 6 week on-line course (Lifetime access to your password protected membership site) Time commitment for you: minimum of 2 hrs per week.
  • Bonus week #7- for “Locking it All In”, and Celebrating your Breakthroughs!
  • Short video lessons, with Audio and PDF transcripts so you can listen to and/or read the lessons (whatever form of absorbing the content you prefer)
  • Exercises to practice the new concepts in your own life, and make them stick

What You’ll Discover in This Course

  • “Who are YOU?” Get to know who YOU are! You’ve been busy taking care of everyone else for years! It’s your time now…
  • What are YOUR needs, wants, values, dreams? What’s “important” to you!
  • What exactly is “Self-Confidence” and how does it impact everything you do
  • Learn how the different parts of your Mind work
  • Lots of ways to “Think about your Thinking”
  • Observe your unique Thoughts and Beliefs: decide which to keep and which to change/replace
  • Magic life-changing ‘Word Tricks’
  • Your Emotions / Feelings – what they are and how they serve us
  • How to eliminate Procrastination and Get Things Done
  • Meditation, Mindfulness
  • Optimism, Mindset
  • Optimizing your Brain Health
  • Celebrating your “Breakthroughs to Self-Confidence”


  • Begin eliminating your self-doubt
  • Quiet, and eventually eliminate, the voices that are chattering away inside your head all the time, holding you back…
  • Think about and clarify what you DO want in your life.
  • Start taking action, and moving toward your dreams!
  • Now notice how people and opportunities seem to magically open up for you and support you! It’s not ‘luck’… YOU made it happen! By changing your thinking!
  • Your Self-Confidence has a huge impact on every area of your life: relationships, Health, career / business, finances, spiritual and emotional wellbeing, and overall happiness.

You create the life that you WANT, instead of just going along day after day, with ‘more of the same’!

If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and ‘stuck’... pleasing others, and not living YOUR life, then you are in the right place right now! You need this!

Breakthroughs to Self-Confidence: What you THINK

- 6 Week Online Course -

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In exchange for this amazing discount, all we ask is that you do the work, do your best, and give us a testimonial – because you WILL experience life changing Breakthroughs!
It’s impossible for you not to!

As soon as you enroll, you will have access to the first week's module. Please watch for an email with access instructions.

I am tired of my life being just more of the same

Your thinking and your level of Self-Confidence either hold you back and stifle you with continuous fear, self-doubt, and regrets… OR…

(and you get to choose right now, which one you want - from this moment on)…

Choose genuine Peace of Mind, empowering new habits, and Self-Confidence that is sustainable, easy, NATURAL, and leads you to absolutely enjoying yourself, the people around you, what you do, and your overall life!

Because I am so Confident that you are going to have all kinds of amazing Breakthroughs on your way to developing your Self-Confidence, we offer an incredible 90 day money back guarantee! You get a full 90 days to try it out, do the assignments … and if you feel that the course is not right for you in any way, just email [email protected] for a full refund.

Your success in this program is our highest priority!

Cyndie Knorr

Please call me if you would like to talk / ask questions to me directly. If I'm unable to take your call at that particular time, leave a message and I will personally get right back to you!

Call 1 (306) 535-5734

With Self-Confidence you will learn to not let anything stand in your way of living the kind of life that you want! Get started now.

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